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移民的人在做什么 / We The Immigrants

by Dr. Ugli

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Dr. Ugli, software engineer / musician. He immigrated to Canada at the age of 16 and has lived in Toronto for 18 years.

Different from the songs he created during the Children’s Hospital band period, <We The Immigrants> pays more attention to the inner feelings of immigrants. Mixing folk and electronic in styles, the song outlines the daily life of immigrants overseas. No fiction or exaggeration of a certain kind of sadness or happiness, the song only describes some simple everyday scenes, and asks a question: what are the immigrants doing?

This a song written by immigrants, and a song written for immigrants. Because if the story of immigration cannot be documented and passed on, it will be the deepest agony of the entire generation.

李药,软件工程师 / 音乐人,十六岁移民加拿大,至今在多伦多居住十八年。


这是一首移民写的歌,也是一首写给移民的歌曲. 因为如果移民的故事不能被记录下来,流传下去,这将是移民一代人最沉痛的悲哀。


released February 22, 2019

Song written by Dr. Ugli
Produced by WISEFAKE

Vocal: Dr. Ugli
Backup Vocals: Ying Guo, Qingyu He

Cover designed by Qingyu He

© ℗ Briefnote Records 2019


all rights reserved



Dr. Ugli Toronto, Ontario

Folktronica, lofi hiphop, electronic, experimental music maker from Toronto Canada

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